Links & Numbers

Contact Info:

Lucia May
(651) 428-5670
603 Concord Ave. #200, Cambridge, MA 02138

Boston area: for music, instruments, repairs

Twin Cities and Midwest:

Instrument makers, repair shops, dealers

Claire Givens
(612) 375-0708
1004 Marquette Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Lipo Cole

John Waddle Violins Inc.
2032 St. Clair Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105

William Harris Lee  (800) 447-4533

John Gerson – Bein and Fushi Inc.
(312) 663-0150

Roger Zabinsky (bows)
(612) 781-6087

Supplies and music:

(800) 248-SHAR (7427)

Southwest Strings

Harder to find music:

Ars Nova
(812) 333-5463

Frank’s Music
(212) 582-1999

In emergencies when you can’t find your music or when the dog eats it, you can usually download another copy:

Recordings:  Lots of playlists here for our class under My Playlists.

Concerts, films, documentaries: