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Strings, rosin, sponges, violin bling


At about Book 4 level we start to work with a metronome.

At that time I’ll ask you either to use a metronome and pitch drone app, or to buy a BOSS Dr. Beat. I have found good deals for BOSS items on e-bay. The DB-88 is more than adequate if you want a used model.  The newest model, DB-90, costs about $150.00.   These tools, or the apps mentioned above, are of paramount importance to use for several octaves of intonation practice in addition to a metronome’s regular uses. Mine has been ticking for about 20 years.

Another option is the Intelli brand imt-301 which students of mine have used with success.

Tools for changing speeds without changing pitch:

The newest generation of the app “Anytune” is a way to manipulate your stored digital music. You can buy, for instance, a piano accompaniment or piece on iTunes, and upload it to Anytune. You choose a speed without a difference in pitch. This is when a human pianist is not available, for practice purposes. An older, but still valid way is this:

Portable CD Music and Voice Trainer 

This was very exciting innovation when first introduced.  It allows you to change the speed of a CD without changing pitch, a most helpful aid in slow practice.  It also allows you to change the key or pitch of a recording without changing the speed.  It has a number of other features.  It is available at for $150.00.  Look for Tascam  #CD-VT2.

Essential Recordings

Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin
Rachel Podger, violin

This recording has changed forever the way I hear, play, and teach this music. I am sorry that it can’t be my very first exposure to solo Bach; however, I can make it be for many of my young students.
I will always be grateful for this great gift to the world.