Where’s My Refuge? with Abel Selaocoe

Dear Students, Parents, Friends and Family,

South African cellist Abel Selaocoe makes his Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra debut exploring the parallel worlds of folk music from the African continent and the European classical tradition.

I’ve been waiting months to be able to share this with you. Please don’t miss it. It is a most moving and unforgettable experience.

Unless you have time to hear the whole concert, I’d recommend you begin watching the clips after the Haydn “Bear” Symphony. There is a rendition of Bach, as well as what I hope is a beautiful Mother’s Day gift, a piece dedicated to Mothers.

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Patricia Kopatchinskaja

Pat is our magical violinist friend who I met when Bruce and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra hired her to become an artistic partner years ago. I’ve been talking to many of you about expressiveness in violin playing, and she is the embodiment of what this means. She is the most inspiring, gentle, playful, warm, imaginative, and electrifying musician that I know. Here is a clip of one of her concerts in St. Paul. Please search for more of her work; she has a huge commitment to contemporary music, which some of you will be embarking on in your performances at Rivers this weekend. Enjoy!

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May 2022 May Class Recital

Dear Students and Parents,

I’ll bet you think that spring is a long way off, don’t you. Well, it’s time to save the dates for our spring recital. Please put aside Sunday, May 1 for a dress rehearsal, and Sunday, May 8 for our recital. For now please block off from 12 pm to 3 pm both days, although those windows will get smaller when we get closer in.

Once again, Mr Vytas Baksys will play for us in Rivera Hall.

Happy practicing!


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Upcoming Masterclasses at Rivers

ChamberMusicLab Master Classes

ChamberMusicLab master classes are now open to RSC students, parents, and faculty. All CMLab master classes happen between 11:00am-12:00pm in Rivera Recital Hall. The next master class will be on January 22 with violist Jason Fisher, a faculty member at RSC and a founding member of A Far Cry. The next ChamberMusicLab recital is scheduled for January 22 at 8:00pm.
Violin Master Class with Natalie Lin Douglas RSC and RS students who are recommended/nominated by their teachers are invited to attend a violin master class with Dr. Natalie Lin Douglas on Sunday, January 23 at 1:30pm in Rivera Recital Hall. Advanced students are encouraged to check with their teachers for the audition. Natalie, a New Zealand-born violinist, educator, and arts entrepreneur, is the founder and artistic director of Kinetic, the Houston-based conductorless ensemble. Committed to amplifying diverse, under-represented, and newly composed classical music through flexible chamber and orchestral ensemble performances, Kinetic has been coined “Houston’s indie, conductorless orchestra.” Under her leadership, Natalie has commissioned and premiered numerous works by composers of our time. An avid chamber musician, Natalie has toured throughout New Zealand in concerts presented by Chamber Music New Zealand and in the UK with the Scottish Ensemble. In 2020, Natalie was appointed assistant professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Music and Theater Arts. 
Violin Master Class with Karl Ørvik RSC and RS students who are recommended/nominated by their teachers are invited to attend a violin master class with Karl Ørvik on Saturday, February 12 at 4:30pm in Rivera Recital Hall. This master class is intended to provide performance opportunities to upper intermediate and advanced students. Students at the level of auditioning for District, All-State, and Regional Upper Youth Orchestras are encouraged to audition. Student nominations and audition videos are due by Monday, January 31 to Jin Joen at j.joen@rivers.org. Karl Ørvik plays the violin and viola and has been featured in solo and chamber recitals throughout the U.S. as well as Canada, Norway, and South Korea. He is the founding violinist of Trio Klaritas, which has appeared in concerts in Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, and at the Tanglewood Music Center. Ørvik is a member of the violin/viola faculty at both the University of New Hampshire and Stonehill College, as well as a long-time member of the string faculty at the Community Music Center of Boston. Previously, he has held positions as adjunct instructor of violin and viola at both Wisconsin Lutheran College and Alverno College.
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May Class at Rivers 2021

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Our Winter Class Recital

Invite your friends and family with their favorite masks to hear you this Sunday, Dec. 5 at Rivera Hall in Bradley at 2 p.m. Don’t forget to bring your piano music and to wear clothes that you’re comfortable playing in! Please bring treats if you can.

The Rivers School Conservatory of Music

333 Winter Street

Weston, MA 02493

Does ANYone out there have a punchbowl??


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Our Class Recital and Dress Rehearsal

I’ve organized time for a dress rehearsal on Sunday, Nov. 28 at RSC from 2 to 4 for our concert, also in Rivera Hall, on Sunday Dec. 5 at 2 pm.

I hope you’re all set for recitals and workshops, too.

OK, time to go practice!

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If I were a violin…..

this is the blanket I’d want, made by Chris Hanner at Etsy from IndigoFiberCottage.

I chose the brocade fabric and sent her the photos with measurements.

The holidays are upon us.

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Partnership: May Violin Class/Meludia

Our violin studio has entered into a partnership with Meludia. Meludia is an online learning tool, which accelerates music sensorial and emotional awakening and comes as a perfect complement to our music classes. The Meludia web application is innovative and gives every child a chance to develop cognitive abilities in order to build a deeper and more enjoyable relation to music. This tool also improves focus, attention and memory. Please have a look at their presentation video.

The Meludia web application includes 625 progressive exercises, from ‘Discovery’ to ‘Expert’ and takes the form of a fun and attractive tool. However, Meludia can’t be compared to addictive video games that ‘dull the mind’. On the contrary, we believe that Meludia represents a safe usage of technology. It is a high-quality method and a tool that we have successfully tested and explored themselves. 

Thanks to this partnership, your child benefits from free access to Meludia through a personal gift code.

How to get started?

In a few days, we will add your email address on the Meludia Educator Interface. You will receive an automatic email invitation from Meludia to sign up on the platform. It will allow me to see your child’s progress and provide personalised guidance. Check your emails from Lucia for individualized gift codes and instructions. Please let her know if you haven’t received a code but are interested; there are several left.

It is recommended to use Meludia for 20 minutes per session, at least 3 times a week. We invite you to share this activity within the family, it will allow you to notice your child’s progress in addition to instrumental practice, and it is also a lot of fun.

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Our Class Recital!

Mark your calendars! We have finally scheduled our first class recital since the beginning of COVID and Zoom lessons. Rivera Hall at RSC is reserved for Sunday, Dec. 5th, 2021 at 2 pm. You’ll have the privilege of playing with Rivers’ own Mr. Vytas Baksys.

Most of you are signed up for rehearsals, workshops and recitals in the coming weeks, so you will not need to play in a separate dress rehearsal. I encourage everyone to sign up for the rehearsal/ workshop/ recital circuit so that your performance on Dec. 5 will not be a first performance of your piece. If you need to set up a rehearsal time we will need to coordinate this, so please let me know.

Please invite all of your nearest and dearest to attend what promises to be an exciting and varied recital!

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