May Class at Rivers 2021

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Our Winter Class Recital

Invite your friends and family with their favorite masks to hear you this Sunday, Dec. 5 at Rivera Hall in Bradley at 2 p.m. Don’t forget to bring your piano music and to wear clothes that you’re comfortable playing in! Please bring treats if you can.

The Rivers School Conservatory of Music

333 Winter Street

Weston, MA 02493

Does ANYone out there have a punchbowl??


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Our Class Recital and Dress Rehearsal

I’ve organized time for a dress rehearsal on Sunday, Nov. 28 at RSC from 2 to 4 for our concert, also in Rivera Hall, on Sunday Dec. 5 at 2 pm.

I hope you’re all set for recitals and workshops, too.

OK, time to go practice!

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If I were a violin…..

this is the blanket I’d want, made by Chris Hanner at Etsy from IndigoFiberCottage.

I chose the brocade fabric and sent her the photos with measurements.

The holidays are upon us.

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Partnership: May Violin Class/Meludia

Our violin studio has entered into a partnership with Meludia. Meludia is an online learning tool, which accelerates music sensorial and emotional awakening and comes as a perfect complement to our music classes. The Meludia web application is innovative and gives every child a chance to develop cognitive abilities in order to build a deeper and more enjoyable relation to music. This tool also improves focus, attention and memory. Please have a look at their presentation video.

The Meludia web application includes 625 progressive exercises, from ‘Discovery’ to ‘Expert’ and takes the form of a fun and attractive tool. However, Meludia can’t be compared to addictive video games that ‘dull the mind’. On the contrary, we believe that Meludia represents a safe usage of technology. It is a high-quality method and a tool that we have successfully tested and explored themselves. 

Thanks to this partnership, your child benefits from free access to Meludia through a personal gift code.

How to get started?

In a few days, we will add your email address on the Meludia Educator Interface. You will receive an automatic email invitation from Meludia to sign up on the platform. It will allow me to see your child’s progress and provide personalised guidance. Check your emails from Lucia for individualized gift codes and instructions. Please let her know if you haven’t received a code but are interested; there are several left.

It is recommended to use Meludia for 20 minutes per session, at least 3 times a week. We invite you to share this activity within the family, it will allow you to notice your child’s progress in addition to instrumental practice, and it is also a lot of fun.

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Our Class Recital!

Mark your calendars! We have finally scheduled our first class recital since the beginning of COVID and Zoom lessons. Rivera Hall at RSC is reserved for Sunday, Dec. 5th, 2021 at 2 pm. You’ll have the privilege of playing with Rivers’ own Mr. Vytas Baksys.

Most of you are signed up for rehearsals, workshops and recitals in the coming weeks, so you will not need to play in a separate dress rehearsal. I encourage everyone to sign up for the rehearsal/ workshop/ recital circuit so that your performance on Dec. 5 will not be a first performance of your piece. If you need to set up a rehearsal time we will need to coordinate this, so please let me know.

Please invite all of your nearest and dearest to attend what promises to be an exciting and varied recital!

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You are invited!

Please join Bruce Coppock, Gabby Diaz, and Randy Hodgkinson at their dress rehearsal run-through of piano trios by Beethoven (The Archduke), Fanny Mendelssohn, and Lili Boulanger on Friday evening, October 8th, following the 7 pm recital at The Rivers School Conservatory of Music, 333 Winter St. in Weston, MA.

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Summer 2021 in Pienza!

Boston Rivers School Conservatory ChamberMusicLab and University of Minnesota

The view

Chiesa di San Francesco, 13th century church for final concert

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Sophia Berry’s Senior Recital!

This is from Sophia for those planning to attend her recital live, and the link for those who plan to watch virtually. She’ll be playing works by Bach, Prokofiev, Schnyder, Paganini, and Bartok. Be there or be square.

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you are all doing well. As the day of my senior recital is approaching, there are a couple things I need from you. If you are attending the recital in person there is a form that the Rivers School Conservatory requires all visitors to fill out before entering the recital hall. This is merely a COVID safety precaution, but it would be very much appreciated if those planning on attending in person can fill out this survey

If you are planning on watching the recital virtually you do not need to fill out the survey, and here is the link that will go live when the recital begins: Sophia’s Senior Recital (Livestream) 
I hope to see you all on Sunday May 23rd at 1pm—virtually or in person! 

Best wishes,


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Livestream tomorrow, Sunday, May16, 2021!

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