Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University String Academy 2017

Hey, guys, this is a full circle moment. Guess who my practice helper is this summer at the Jacobs School String Academy at Indiana U? It’s Gaia Ramsdell who became my student in St. Paul at the age of nine. She has finished her undergraduate work here with Jorja Fleezanis and a performance diploma. She’ll be moving to Oberlin to study in the fall. What a kick. She’ll be using her old marked-up Carl Flesch Scale System from which I taught her all those years ago.

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Quartet Lab 2017 house concert

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Yesterday three students and Bruce gave a house concert culminating a week-long intensive study of the Brahms a minor quartet. Here are a few photos from the week. The project was a success by any standard, filled with joy, hard work and a performance that moved us to our cores. And at the days’ ends, great food, Monopoly, and Fictionary.

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Quartet Lab 2017: Intensive Study on Warwick Neck

Our spring break project is Quartet Lab: Intensive Study on Warwick Neck where we are housing three serious students for one week to learn the Brahms a minor Quartet. We’ll host a house concert next Sunday. Those of you from my Minnesota class remember Meriel Bizri who lives in Providence and studies in Boston. Bruce is the coach and cellist six hours a day, Meriel’s parents are the cooks, and I am the “upper strings fingering doctor.” We’re having a blast.

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Photos from the St. Paul archives

This gallery contains 25 photos.


TED talk on Practicing

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Intermediary notes are unnecessary for shifting – Russian violin teacher Yuri Yankelevich

Violin pedagogue Yuri Yankelevich wrote an extremely detailed treatise on shifting that has now been published in English by Oxford University Press. I’ve left a few thoughts in the comments.

Source: Intermediary notes are unnecessary for shifting – Russian violin teacher Yuri Yankelevich

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Good News!

I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be returning to Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Summer String Academy in the summer of 2017!

Apply soon! Here is the link:


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