Summer in Italy 2020

Please be in touch for details!

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Project STEP video

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Hi Students and Parents,
I’ve been wondering about how much music you’re listening to. Much as you can’t learn a language without hearing it, it’s impossible to learn the violin without hearing music.
I’ve been working on individualized playlists that can be part of a regular listening habit including your piece assignments. Just go to and log in the way I’ve explained. Then go to Playlists/My Playlists. Any questions about that, please just call. I promise it is legal and approved. In some cases the pieces I’ve chosen are the original songs that inspired the violin pieces. In other cases, I’ve chosen some favorite recordings and/or players. Have fun with any and all of them.

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My beautiful Indiana U String Academy Class of 2019

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May Violin Class in Cambridge, Vol.1, No. 1

Hello Students and Parents,

I am very excited to plan a small recital for all of you. It will on Sunday, May 12, 2019, Mother’s Day at 4:30 at:

Saint Sebastian’s School
1191 Greendale Avenue
Needham, MA 02492

A huge thank you to Christian Casiano and his family for arranging this. I’ll be back in touch when I learn about a rehearsal time. Since this is our first recital together, I’d like to go over my usual drill:

Everyone plays from memory!
No athletic shoes or jeans, nice school clothes are okay.
Hair clipped back so everyone can see your shining faces!
Be sure to play at home in the outfit you plan to wear. It can be surprising to learn that your sleeve length or neck buttons won’t let you play comfortably.

By the way, some people like to keep up with news on my blog,
I’ll make this announcement our first Cambridge Class volume.
I will also leave info on my professional FaceBook page for those who use it.

Next, please note that I will be out of town from Monday April 8 through Wednesday April 17. That means the only lesson you’ll miss is April 11, 12, 13.

Looking forward to your lessons tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday!

(Now go practice.)



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Backstage at Boston Symphony Hall

Former student, Meriel Bizri, 17, and her masterful teacher, Lynn Chang, and coach/godfather Bruce Coppock, after Meriel’s performance of the first movement of the Sibelius Concerto with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. According to conductor Thom Wilkins, she “knocked it out of the park.” We are walking on air!

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News Flash on the “Braginski” Report

We’re beyond thrilled that our Meriel Bizri won the 2019 Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Concerto Competition! She will play the first movement of the Sibelius Concerto at Symphony Hall with the BSO on Thursday, March 28 at 10 am. You can also hear her as a winner of the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Concerto Competition on Sunday, May 12 at 3 pm in Sanders Theater.

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Brag, brag, brag!

More bragging, everyone! Remember little Meriel Bizri? She’s in the finals at the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Young Artist Competition. OH, AND….she’ll be performing the Sibelius Concerto first movement with the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra this May. Watch this space.

Congratulations to my former student, Rebecca Hall who won the Mankato Symphony Young Artist Competition! 13 year old Rebecca will be performing the last movement of the Bruch Concerto later this month.We’re thrilled for you!

And then there is our Nygel Witherspoon who took our breath away:

BREAKING | Prizes Awarded at Detroit’s 2019 Junior Sphinx Competition

17-year-old cellist Nygel Witherspoon has been awarded 1st prize in the Junior Division of the 2019 22nd Annual Sphinx Competition

17-year-old American cellist Nygel Witherspoon has just minutes ago been awarded 1st prize in the Junior Division of the 2019 22nd Annual Sphinx Competition – in Detroit, United States.

A student of Tanya Remenikova at the Minnesota Connections Academy, Nygel will receive US $10,000 plus a number of performance opportunities – including a nationally-broadcast radio appearance on From the Top.



Open to American Black and Latino junior high and high school students, the Sphinx Competition is aimed at the encouragement, development and recognition of classical music talent in the Black and Latino communities.

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Boston String Academy Class

I had the pleasure of giving a class to the students of Mariesther and Marielisa Alvarez at the Boston String Academy the other evening. What wonderful students- a tribute to the seriousness and skills of their teachers!

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A new Boston project

Students, I hope you’ll attend and take advantage of this terrific opportunity!

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