May Class Newsletter Vol. 3, No. 2

Dear Parents and Students,

Here is information for upcoming events.

Tue., Nov. 16, 4 pm-extra rehearsals for everyone. See sign up sheet for times. Please leave as large a window as possible for your availability. This time is to help you by making both Susan and me available at the same time. If you cannot make it to this rehearsal it will be necessary for you to contact Susan Garrelts and set up a time on your own for a lesson with her. She is not available for extra times til after Nov. 14. Her phone number is 612-822-3805.

Thursday, Nov. 18-master class with Mimi Zweig here at the house, 7 to 9 pm. Everyone attends, but there will probably only be time for four kids to play: Nora, Eileen, Alex R, and Gaia. Some of you heard Joshua Bell perform with the SPCO over the past couple of weekends. Mimi was Josh’s teacher before he went to study with Mr. Gingold. This is a great opportunity to see one of the greatest teachers of young kids of this generation.

Sun., Nov. 20 Class recital. 1:00 pm, probably at the new Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Center in the Hamm Building downtown, but we are waiting for the final ok. If we can’t have the hall, we will perform here at the house.

The deadline for the Thursday Musical is coming up on Nov. 15!

Note for Nora and Alex R: According to Liz Erickson from ASTA, the judges do not mind if your original copies are marked, just as long as they are not Xeroxes. Also, it is the judges who decide what piece(s) will be played at callbacks, and what part of the (uncut) piece(s).

Happy Halloween! Stay safe….

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