May Class Newsletter Vol. 4, No. 1

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re having a terrific fall.  Bruce and I have been enjoying our time off but we are looking forward to getting back to “real life.” While I’m back in town for Ellery’s birthday, I thought I’d take care of a bit of business in order to start making a schedule at the end of the month.

I’d like to ask that you take a moment to either email me (preferable) at lmay1301 at yahoo  dot com or leave a message on the home phone at 651 994 7856.

Please give me windows of times that you can come for lessons.  As always, during the schooldays, lunchtimes, and mornings are easiest to schedule.  Generally, every other Thursday afternoon may be troublesome for me.  I’ll not be teaching every day of the week, but I will need to compare your available times with mine to say which days will be best for the largest group of people.  It is likely that I’ll go back to the original intent of the “two lessons per week program” for most of you and use the second lesson as a time either for violin chamber groups or combined lessons for theory and/or technique.

Enjoy the rest of October, and please send me your info as soon as you can.  I’ll get back to you with a schedule as soon as I’ve heard from everyone.



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