May Class Newsletter Vol. 6, No. 9

Hi Everyone,

Our April 12th class is just around the corner.  The class time this Saturday, April 5, (11 to12) will be used to rehearse the kids who don’t go to Claudia’s for private rehearsals.  That includes Lydia, Hugh, Katia, Clara, Leo.  Aidan and Will can have a chance to hear them.

 Imala, Ethan, and Alec will play only in their lessons.

 For the Performance Class on April 12 at 2 p.m. (just one class) we will add Katie La Folia.

 Alex, Maia, and Nick need to contact Claudia immediately.

Our Saturday 11 am class will not take place on the day of the April 12 class.

William and Katie Lalo will not be attending class.

Okay, I think that covers it all.  Please check your email for individual questions I have for a few of you.

Have a great week,


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