May Class Newsletter, Vol. 8, No.7

Congratulations to all of you on a beautiful recital on Sunday! There has clearly been a lot of thoughtful work and good progress this winter.

We have some times approaching in which we’ll be out of town. Please read this carefully:

I will not be teaching from Sat. Feb. 13 through Wed., Feb. 17. I will also be gone from Feb. 21 through 23, Sunday through Tuesday.

I will be teaching on Thursday Feb. 18, 19, and 20, so please call to reschedule lessons.

On Wed., March 10 I arrive at noon from a one day trip, so Abbey’s lesson can stay, but Katia and Anna can reschedule.

The first week of April may be tricky, but I’ll wait until our plans become clearer.

I also want to let you know about some upcoming SPCO concerts:

Ruggiero Allifranchini will be perfroming the Bruch Concerto on  March 5 and 6 with Roberto Abbado conducting.

March 19 and 21, Dale Barltrop, our outgoing principal 2nd violinist, will be playing the Schumann Concerto with Roberto Abbado.

Practice well.

P.S. Some of you need to tighten and rosin your bow more, you know who you are.

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