May Class Newsletter, Vol. 8, No. 10

Hello Everyone,

I mentioned to some of you that I’ll be giving a class in Pittsburgh this Friday and I won’t be back in time for Saturday teaching. I will teach anyone on Sunday, so for those of you who can make the switch, please let me know what time will work. Those of you who can’t come Sunday, April 25, I’ll see if I can fit you in another time.

I’ll teach this Wednesday, which is my final week of the changed schedule, but I will need to reschedule Abbey and Meriel who were to come this Thursday. I am sorry for all of the schedule changes. It seems to be the season. But after this week, we’ll be home free for a long time.

Those of you planning on Bravo this summer, please be aware that the deadline for your application is May 10.  Here is the application:

I also wanted you to know about a website I found, which sells tons of violin music in the public domain at a low cost for you to download.

Congratulations to Alec for being second runner-up in the Minnesota Sinfonia competition, junior division.

Have a good week!

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