May Class Newsletter, Vol.9, No.6

Dear Students and Parents,

As I believe you all know, we have had to make a few changes for the next couple of months, for the happy reason that Bruce would like to take a trip for his big 6-0.

Our next performance class will be on Saturday, April 2, from 10 to 11:30.
Our final performance class for the semester will be on Saturday, April 23, which will be our dress rehearsal for our recital, which we’ve moved to Sunday, May 1, at 6 p.m. We’ll follow the recital with pizza.

Please mark these changes in your calendar. As always, I will teach when I am in town. Please double check your rehearsals, lessons, and piano music with Claudia.
We’ll continue to meet every Saturday morning as a class from 10 to 11. Please memorize your Vivaldi, and all solos that you’ll be playing on April 2nd.

Please note that the application and dvd deadline for Bravo! is May 10. It will be convenient to use a recording of your child from our dress rehearsal and/or recital for the application.
Bravo! will be from June 12 to July 10, 2011. The link is

Happy practicing. I’ll see you this weekend!

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