May Class Newsletter, Vol.10, No.1

Happy Autumn 2011, Parents and Students, new and old!

It has been wonderful meeting you and seeing you regulars.
For those of you who are not new to me this fall, I want to remind you about the upcoming ASTA Mary West Competition.
The application is due on Oct. 8.
My ASTA number is 31169.

Here is a link to the details:

I also want to let you know about a Dominant String sale advertised by House of Note. It’s always advisable to have a spare set, even if you might be changing violin sizes. Most places will trade you up a string size.
Many of you need “fall cleaning” on your equipment. (How is your bowhair? You know who you are.)

Stay tuned for the monthly dates of our performance classes and recital.

My best,

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