May Class Newsletter, Vol. 11, No.14

Dear Parents and Students,

Since tomorrow morning is our dress rehearsal, and most of you have performed your pieces before, we’ll start at 10 a.m. rather than 9. The Bartok girls can come 15 minutes earlier.

I’ll see you as usual this week for lessons. Our concert will be Friday, May 17 at 7 p.m. here at the house. I won’t have Bruce’s help like I usually do, so I’ll plan to provide juice and pizza and ask you to bring some dessert, pot-luck style. For the pizza count, please let me know if you have invited friends and family. Please plan to arrive at 6:30.

I’ll start teaching again between June 3rd and 12th, and then I’ll be gone until Bravo! begins on June 16.

Please let me know your time availability windows for summer for both your weekly schedules and out-of-town schedules.

It is hard to believe that we’re wrapping up another semester, so soon after the snow has melted!
Practice carefully,

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