May Class Newsletter, Vol. 12, No. 2

I hope everyone is having a great summer. I’ve loved seeing some of you at the Bravo! concerts.
Bravo! will be coming to an end this Saturday, but the schedule is quite heavy for me, which makes your lessons difficult the rest of the week. It would be great if you’d come  to the U to hear Imala and Alec and all of these terrific players instead of lessons.
Here is what is happening:
Wednesday is a 3:30 masterclass with Yair Kless. Imala will be playing Symphonie Espanol by Lalo.
Thursday is a casual concert at 3:30.
Alec and Imala play at the Thursday night 7:30 concert. Alec will be playing Ysaye No. 4, first movement. There is another concert Friday at 7:30. The final gala concert is Saturday at 2:30.

Please contact me about next week’s lessons. I can begin teaching as early as Monday. The following week takes me out of town from July 22-26.

Such is summer. Thank you for your flexibility!

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