May Class Newsletter, Vol. 13, No. 9

Hi, Students and Parents,

That was a wonderful class today. I’ve made a cool playlist of a lot of today’s pieces that you can access at our account. Please let me know if you need the passwords. Go to Play music, then Your playlists. The name of the playlist is Current 1/31/15.

I also want to follow up with the purchase and rental information from William Harris Lee’s shop in Chicago. This is in addition to local options you have, and to other dealers I’ll be posting about. I’ve known Bill for many years. He is a friend who has provided violins of very high quality to my students for about twenty years, even before he added rentals to his business. Here is his website: William Harris Lee and Company    Bruce Morrow is always very helpful.

Just go to the rental page and you’ll find our class listed. Also check out the educational instruments page for purchases. If you’re ever in the Chicago area, stop by and have a tour of his shop.

Thank you for such delicious treats and to Jo for arranging it all. Guess what I do for lunch after Saturday class?

Cheers, and have a great week.

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