May Class Newsletter Vol. 13, No. 10


Amithy with flowersAmithy and Vikram at Taj Mahal

Vikram and Amithy at the Taj Mahal

Dear Student and Parents,

Our next Performance Class will be this Saturday, March 28, at 9:30 am. Be sure to welcome home Vikram and Amithy who have just returned from India!  We will start without a rehearsal beforehand. Thanks to all of you who’ve agreed to bring snacks. We have plenty of juice here, so there’s no need to bring any this time. Please arrive a bit early.

I’ve been meaning to mention to please be very careful in the driveway as you pass our neighbor’s driveway that runs along our front yard. It is a dangerous spot because you can’t see if a car is approaching. So please take it slowly! Our neighbor has very weak eyesight and we have had some near misses.

Bruce and I are taking a spring break between April 5 and 17. We don’t have an April class, but do have class on May 2, dress rehearsal on May 30, and recital on May 31. Hard to believe!

See you soon, and looking forward,


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