Resting in the Light

Dear friends,

Bruce left this world quietly on November 21, 2022,  at a beautiful hospice house near Boston. All of his family members have stayed close. The staff at the hospice relieved us of his medical care, allowing us to be with him and each other.

As many of you well know, Bruce devoted his life to music and to his family. He was a beloved husband, son, brother, father, grandfather, cellist, teacher, mentor, coach, colleague and artistic leader. His musical and professional accomplishments are too many to chronicle here, so we will be posting links with more information.  

We are very grateful for all your care and concern for Bruce — for the cookies, cards, meals, phone calls, messages, visits, and all your expressions of love and friendship. His generous and loving spirit will always be with you, and with us.

We will keep you posted on plans for memorial events. His ashes will be buried in the family cemetery in the countryside near Amboy, Indiana, in a private ceremony.

We all treasure our memories of Bruce and will continue to live our lives in ways that he inspired.

Lucia and family

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