May Class Newsletter Vol. 4, No. 3

Dear Students and Parents,Here are a few dates beginning next week that I will be out of town. Please mark your calendars for no lessoms these days:

March 1-4 inclusive
April 3-6 inclusive

I’d like to reschedule Thursday Class from April 6 to either Friday, April 7th, or Saturday, April 8th. I’ll let you know soon. Please let me know your preference.

Please pencil in (no pen) Wednesday evening, April 18, 6-8 pm for our class with Neal Zaslaw. This is for all students, whether or not you will be playing.

Those of you returning to Bravo! Do not need to make a tape this year.

Please leave me a note specifying what information you’d like me to include on an address and phone list.

Keep practicing!

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