May Class Newsletter Vol. 4, No. 4

Hi Students and Parents,Here are some more dates to mark and some reminders:

Both of these are at the SPCO Center downtown St. Paul in the Hamm Building,
The Huss Music Room:

May 11, Thursday, beginning at 6 pm, dress rehearsal
May 14, Sunday, Mothers’ Day, 2 pm recital

The following are rehearsal times for the Neal Zaslaw Class:

Thursday, April 6, here with Charles Kemper individually beginning at 6 pm.
(I will be out of town until that evening.)

Thursday, April13, here with Charles to play your “Mozarts” for class.

Wednesday, April 19 Mozart Class with Neal Zaslaw.

All students not playing Mozart are still invited to the Mozart Class; in fact, I’d love for everyone to be here. This is your first opportunity to hear one of the world’s experts on the performance practice of Mozart’s music.
Those students not playing Mozart are also welcome to a brief time with Charles on the piano at the above mentioned “Mozart” times to run through your pieces.

Bruce and I are doing “double duty” the night of April 19. After the class, we will be having a thank you dinner for Mr. Zaslaw with SPCO guests. Please do not be offended if we ask that you promptly leave when class is over. I don’t know how to type smile faces, but here is where I’d do one____.

Thank you so much.

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