May Class Newsletter Vol. 6, No. 4

Happy New Year, Moms and Dads!

This is a fairly long newsletter, so make some tea and be sure you read all the way down to “OTHER NEWS.”

I am so pleased as I reflect on the growth of our class. Bruce and I moved to the Twin Cities just over six years ago and began the initial project of simply finding students.Because of the steady and impressive growth of our class, I now enjoy the challenge of providing the highest quality of violin training.I believe that this class is unique in what it offers; it is my dream to provide opportunities for young violinists I wish I had had growing up, even within the settings of pre-college music schools.

My fee will increase to $75 per week for two 15 week semesters.In reality this should result in no net outlay for you vis, but should materially simplify business. Please remember that as always, I will consider scholarships in those cases in which paying is a hardship.

I will continue to provide private lessons and Thursday night classes, and in addition, all the accompanying costs of the Saturday classes and rehearsals, performance classes, dress rehearsals, master classes with other teachers, and recitals. I will also pay for the hall rental for recitals and dress rehearsals at SPCO Center (unfortunately, no nepotism breaks here!).As always, I won’t charge you for extra lesson time or a second lesson time weekly if we feel it is needed and/or useful.You pay only for the weeks you have private lessons.

I welcome your comments and ideas.I do not assume that this type of program is for everyone; indeed, you may feel that this is not what you signed on for.My policy has always been to teach each child as if he or she will need the same careful fundamentals that a career of playing would require, regardless of whether or not playing the violin will continue being a serious interest.

The “Juniors” including beginners and Saturday kids, will continue at the rate of $60 per hour, $45 for 45 minutes, etc., until this summer, when I will increase to $65 per hour.This is my first increase since 2002, but in the future the percentage increase will be lower, consistent with the annual cost of living increase. Juniors’ pieces can be rehearsed on Saturdays as part of class time.I believe that observing each other is crucial in their development and also teaches them to be colleagues.

Beginning students are encouraged to observe the Saturday classes until they have developed enough skill to participate, or until I have a critical mass of beginners to add a class.

Summer lessons beginning in summer 2008 will cost $65 per hour.In the summer months I don’t teach classes, and the month during Bravo! can only include my Bravo! teaching.Any work with Claudia would be privately arranged.


Our poor Ashley is no longer with us.He has fought a brave battle with a number of health issues, but the kidney disease would not improve. I know the kids are attached to the cats.Please prepare them.

I’d like to start the year with a renewed commitment to promptness, and in that spirit here is a Reminder Haiku for all students for all lessons and coachings and rehearsals:

Nails clipped and hair back

Arrive five minutes early

Ready for a scale

(and the clock starts ticking promptly at your agreed arrival time!)

I am starting to work on building a web site, on which I can set up a calendar, newsletters, etc.I’ll keep you up to date on that.

Thursday Musical and Schubert Club student recitals and contests are upon us.Please be sure to set up your pianists and applications now if we have spoken about your participation.

It is not too soon to plan for summer programs. I’ll be teaching at Bravo! again this summer, and I’ll also be doing a shortened version of Bravo Piccolo!I have brochures here and you can also see online at

Renowned violinist Pamela Frank will be giving a master class on Wednesday, Jan. 9 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the new MacPhail Center for Music in the Antonello Performance Hall.For more information, call 612-321-0100.

I want to thank all of you for your dedication to your kids’ learning, to the time, money, driving and daily help you give your children.I also want to thank you for your kindness and support of Bruce and of me.You make this work a pleasure.

As ever,


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