May Class Newsletter Vol. 6, No. 3

Hi Everyone,Our next performance class for all of the students will be this Sunday at the house. Here is the way I’d like to divide the kids so that we have a mix of ages and levels:

1:00 to 2:30 pm

Katie P

2:45 to 4:15

Alex Z.

We won’t be having Thursday night etudes this week, but we will plan to have the younger Saturday class, which will meet at 10 am instead of our usual 11 am. This will be a rehearsal for the following kids:

Ethan– Kuchler mv’t 1
Clara- Bach minuets (Cathy, I think this is right?)
Leo- Boccherini- or Beethoven minuet
Lydia- Twinkle or Monkey Song
Katia- Infant Paganini
Alec-Handel F Major mv’t 2
Imala- Millionaire’s Hoedown (Katie D.-I think this is right? Either Handel and Klebenoff or Bach double mvt. 1. Please call Claudia and me)

On Sunday the rest of the students from the Thursday class will join them in the above divided sessions, playing the pieces for our January recital:

Alex -Lalo mvt. 5
Katie P.- Lalo mvt. 1-please set up a rehearsal with Claudia
Nick- Sicilienne & Rigaudon
Katie – Intro and Polonaise
William- Kabalevsky mvt. 3
Maia-Vitali Chaconne
If there are questions about pieces, please give me a call; I might need reminding about which polished pieces we agreed on..

Dress rehearsal at the SPCO Center-Wednesday, Jan, 16, 6 to 9 pm. We’ll loosely schedule the kids in blocks according to age so the younger kids can get to bed.

Recital, January 20, SPCO Center 2 p.m.


See you soon.

P.S. Please return the theory tests if you haven’t!

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