May Class Newsletter, Vol. 6, No. 10

Hi Everyone,

This Saturday group class, May 3, will begin at 10 a.m. because of some cancellations.  This includes Leo, Clara, Katia, and Ethan.  We will work on all 3 Bartok duos, the Brahms Hugarian Dance, and the Friss Czardasz, all of which we’ll be performing memorized.

Here is the breakdown of parts:

Slovakian Dance  Firsts: Alec, Clara, Leo;  Seconds: Imala, Ethan, Katia

Summer Solstice  Firsts: Imala, Leo, Ethan; Seconds: Alec, Katia, Clara

Teasing Song  Firsts: Alec, Katia, Leo; Seconds: Imala, Ethan, Clara

Friss: (be careful, the melody looks like a second part) Melody: Alec, Leo, Ethan; Harmony: Imala, Katia, Clara

Its hard to believe, but our performance class on Saturday, May 17 is just around the corner.  Claudia will use our Saturday, May 10 group time at my house from 11 to 12 for rehearsals of all kids under book 4:



Lydia– O Come or Rhody


Leo–Becker Gavotte

Clara–Seitz concerto movement

Imala and Alec will work with Claudia that day from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at my house.

There will be no private lessons that day; we will be in New York with the SPCO.



I would like to assemble a booklet for our June concert with bios and artwork from the kids.  Could you please have the kids email or give me a short bio in five lines or less?  They can mention their music or anything they enjoy such as pets, other activities, etc.  Also, I know that there are some whiz bang artists out there who might like to share drawings or paintings for the program.  Our loose “theme” is Hungary since we have several Czardasz and Bartok pieces on the program.

Take care, and keep practicing!



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