May Class Newsletter, Vol. 6, No. 11

Hi Students and Parents,

Its time again for our performance classes this Saturday, May 17th at the house.  Please remember that there is no Thursday etude class, and no Saturday duo class. We will meet as usual for private lessons on Saturday. This involves Leo, Imala, Hugh, and Alec.

Since most of you will be playing, we’d like to divide the class in two. The youngest kids can come at 1 p.m. and end at 2:30. This will be a very full class because I’d like to have the kids play through their duos, and there will be barely enough time since everyone will play their solos. This group includes Katie Lalo, Leo, Ethan, Katia, Clara, Hugh, Lydia, Will, and Aidan. After Katie Lalo, we’ll have the beginners next, and then the duo kids. Imala and Alec can join us at 2:15 to lead the Duos, Friss, and Brahms Hungarian Dance.

The second group can begin at 2:45. We can go until 4 p.m. with Alec, Imala, Nick, Kate, Maia, and Alex. Imala and Alec can also play their own Bartok duos.

I believe that I’ve accommodated those of you who had time preferences. If I have forgotten something, please let me know.
Please sleep well Friday night and have a big breakfast.
I’ll see you soon!

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