May Class Newsletter, Vol. 11, No.12

Old FileAs some of you know, Sally O’Reilly’s U of MN violin students will be coming to observe your lessons. Being observed provides the opportunity to remind us of daily work and lesson habits that we hope to practice all the time in our program, anyway.

Students, remember to bring all your music and come prepared.

Parents, please give as much notice as possible when canceling. Please arrive promptly with kids who are fed, watered, well rested, with their nails trimmed. Those parents who do not practice with your kids, feel free to read in another room. Those of you who do practice with your kids, please watch and take notes.

Show the value of the CD’s in their learning, and step up the listening.
The younger ones should listen to their Suzuki CDs so much that they are part of their environment in the car, kitchen, and bedroom. Older students, use my suggested listening ideas.

As I try to model good teaching, I also want to model expectations for you, our parents.
You and your kids have so much to teach these young musicians who are learning to become teachers. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work!

By the way, do any of you older timers have a copy of the violin teacher tree I made a few years ago? My computer ate mine.

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