May Class Newsletter, Vol. 11, No.13

Hi, Everyone,

As I’ve told my students and some of you University observers, I’ll be out of town from the evening of March 9 through Thursday, March 14. I’ll be teaching on the 9th and the 15th. That Saturday, March 16, is our monthly performance class at 10 a.m.  Our rehearsal with Claudia will start at 9 a.m. that day. Since most of you will be losing a lesson next week, please stay prepared.

Here is the Bravo! website for those of you attending this summer:

The application deadline is April 15. Those of you Schubert Club competition applicants, please apply for the summer scholarship at the Schubert Club. Those younger may be eligible for a summer scholarship run by the musicians’ union. Please see me for details.

Stay warm. Keep practicing. Listen to lots of music.


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