May Class News, Vol. 13, No. 3

Dear Parents and Students,

How quickly the month went by! This Saturday, Oct. 25, will be our next performance class. Here is an approximate schedule:

8:20 Selena rehearses
9:00 piano rehearsal for Finn, Sean, Giovanna, Sean
9:30 everyone else arrives. Meriel, Imala, Selena, Bartok duos and the four above play
10:30 break for snacks
10:45 Group A plays. (Saturday class students)
11:30 possible quick break
11:45 Bruce’s chamber group–Schubert Quintet
12:15 end?

I’ll have crayons on the dining room table for siblings and younger students who need a break. Please supervise them. We are excited–this should be a terrific class!

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